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Reiki Level I


Online Course and Personal Attunement
Choose to learn to heal yourself and others. Take this Reiki Level 1 course and learn hands on energy healing techniques. 

Once you have completed the Reiki Level One Theory training videos, you are ready for an Attunement or Placement it is called in Holy Fire III Reiki.

To receive your placement for Level One Reiki, watch the video where I teach the theory for Holy Fire III Reiki and guide you through the meditations where you receive your placement for Level One. Receiving this placement allows the Reiki energy to flow through you to be able to gift Reiki to yourself or another.

Video Series

Part I – Length: 1 hour 26 min
In this first part we explore the history of Reiki, who can practice Reiki and what are the benefits of Reiki.

Part II – Length: 1 hour 27 min
We expand our knowledge about Reiki Energy and explore Chakras.

Part III – Length: 1 hour 2 min
Review of important information about Reiki, and do a guided self Reiki session.*

*This last section of the course can include a Personal Upgrade (attunement to Reiki), online with Reiki Master Robin Chant or in person, in Brandon. This valuable component opens you to the possibilities with Reiki and connects you to a community of other Reiki Practitioners. If you have purchased the course and attunement it is included in the full course fee.

If you purchase the Theory Only you may opt to receive a Personal Upgrade (attunement), as an additional investment towards your Reiki Level 1 certification.

Contact Robin once you have purchased the Attunement and want to book your appointment.

Once you have paid and enrolled, you will be able to download the course content, which will include a video, workbook and a PowerPoint presentation. (Manuals can be purchased separately, but are not required)

Any questions or concerns, contact Robin at

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