Art of Choosing You

Art of Choosing You

Judging ourselves and others by external standards can feel empowering, as if we are sorting out the world and escaping whatever fails to measure up – whether we are looking at people, situations, or activities.  But judgment can hold us hostage and leave us dissatisfied with life.

The Art of Choosing You: Tools to Radically Shift Your Life argues that judgment is a trap, putting us on a hamster wheel as we repeatedly strive to meet inauthentic expectations rather than finding freedom and peace through a practice called ‘living in allowance’ of ourselves and others.

You will be introduced to:

* the circle theory
* the empowerment of perspective
* how polarity creates limitations and allowance creates possibilities 
* receiving the gift of nature
* the power of question
* how and why to lower energetic walls
* how to connect to mind, body, soul and spirit
* the benefits of becoming undefinable
* how not to be trapped by positivity

Drawing deeply on the my own struggles to follow my own unique path through life, this book offers tools that will empower readers to step beyond judgment and choose themselves.  

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    Rita M.

    Reviewed in Canada on October 20, 2020


    Tammie S.

    Reviewed in Canada on October 18, 2020



    Reviewed in Canada on October 20, 2020


    Reviewed in Canada on November 2, 2020


    Kerianne C


    Reviewed in Canada on December 4, 2020